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At Hamilton City Schools, our greatest success story is you. Join us—tell your story of why you’re Hamilton Proud.

Home to a community of students and educators, Hamilton City School District prides itself on providing a comprehensive educational experience and sense of belonging for the individuals who grow and thrive there. For over a hundred years, we have prepared students for their futures with an individualized and attentive approach to academic learning. We recognize the need for educational opportunities and services to be as diverse as the students that engage with them, and the importance of the stories that take shape along the way. Our students continue to generate new thought and ideas, grow businesses, and build into the vibrance of their communities as they move through and beyond education. We welcome you to join as we celebrate our students, teachers, and staff, past and present.

Have a story to tell? We want to hear from you. Tell us why you’re Hamilton Proud.




If there’s one thing alumni, Nate Lampley, has learned in his years as a partner at one of the nation’s largest law firms and devoted member of the Hamilton community, it’s that one generation only ever serves to influence the next. As he tells it, the words and faith his Hamilton City School teachers gave to him remain and continue to shape him, even today. His school experience set the path for him to graduate with honors from the University of Dayton and the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Now, he often goes back as a mentor to speak to students as well as contribute to scholarship opportunities. He returns to remind the teachers of their impact and show the students the limitless nature of their future.



As a student at Yale University, Alexa is no stranger to hard work and the dawn to dusk nature of its practice. She believes her experiences at Hamilton City Schools instilled a deep ethic for curiosity and determination within her. The compassion and commitment exhibited by her teachers empowered her to make her own dreams a reality. She explains that because her teachers invested time and effort in her, she is inspired to invest in herself and the world around her. It is with a powerful mind and dedicated heart that she studies solar cells and energy efficiency to pursue her goal of becoming a scientist.


We’d like to hear your Hamilton Proud moment.


With your stories, we can be Hamilton Proud together.

Begin your storytelling journey by taking a moment to watch our videos and hear the stories of fellow students and alumni. Then, spread the word by sharing their stories on your social media platform of choice and adding the hashtag #HamiltonProud.

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Alec Bullard, Hamilton City Schools alum, knows that it takes the strength of many fibers to achieve one’s goals. For him, life is about embracing the struggle—approaching challenges with resilience, discipline, and commitment. These are values he learned at Hamilton City Schools—from his teachers in the science labs and honors classes to his sergeants in the Junior ROTC program. He talks about his journey from being a high schooler without a plan to an achieving member of a team with confidence in his future, all largely because of the life mentors he found at Hamilton. He now finds himself equipped with the skills necessary to become a 2 nd Lieutenant in the military after his college graduation and has access to cadet leadership, airborne school, and world travel.



Kent Daniels is a craftsman—a problem-solving welder that brings things together for a living. It was at the engineering and welding labs at Hamilton’s Career Tech Center that his talents were truly brought to life. He emphasizes how his teachers at Hamilton included him in the learning process without making him feel second tier to college-bound kids. Through their conversations and example, Kent not only developed self-respect, but a love for his craft. His current profession allows him to travel the world and work on international projects with teams from all different countries. He continually works with and interacts with people from a diverse range of experiences—something among so many others he says Hamilton prepared him to do.



Hamilton High School graduating senior, Asia Jones, found a home at Hamilton on the shelves of Ms. Binegar’s classroom library. Here, she watched worlds of thought take shape on the written page and within. Given the space to educate and know herself, Asia tells the story of how her teachers helped her find her voice and filled her with a sense of belonging. With her teachers’ guidance, she enrolled in the YES program to receive support as a first-generation college student. Now, she is applying for college admission and scholarships to study Education. She wants her life’s work to be about building into the lives of others—just like the teachers who built into hers.